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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

When marketing your music, you will be faced with some decisions to make which will determine your fanbase to a large extent.

For example, these are steps you will follow when marketing your music:

1) Determine your target audience. 2) Put your music in front of them. 3) Engage with the people who show interest. 4) Convert those engaged people into fans with a free offer. 5) Offer those new fans a product to purchase, converting them into customers/super-fans.

Step 1 and 3 are all about who your audience is and so if you pay attention to who you choose to target and engage with within those steps, you will be able to tailor your audience to your desires.

First and foremost, your music needs to sound good and appeal to your desired audience and so from the song writing and recording stages, through to mixing and mastering services, your desired fanbase needs to be kept in mind and so the people you work with to produce your music need to understand this and be sensitive to your needs.


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