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Next session: 30 July


Track ID is a free online listening & feedback session with international music industry professionals, helping you to progress your music career. Get your music heard by A&R, label & artist managers, producers, engineers, artists & event promoters. This is a safe space for music producers to learn from each others' work and add value to your creative process.

The concept:

Attend the Track ID meeting online and submit one of your original songs to be played to a panel of music industry professionals and the group in attendance. After listening, you will receive detailed feedback on your music from the panel as well as tips regarding the creativity and sonic quality of your song. Other artists in attendance may also communicate in the group chat and only constructive feedback is encouraged.

How it works:

Register with your name and email address below to get your invitation to the next meeting via email. Along with your invite, you'll receive information on how to prepare and submit your music for the session. The next Track ID session will take place on the date listed above using an online meeting platform. All details will be emailed to you. 

Who it is for:

This is for new and experienced talent looking to hugely increase your audio and music quality as well as highly experienced artists aiming for long-term, incremental growth. All genres of music are welcome as the more diverse the minds in the session, the more new insights and perspectives all attendees have to gain. Industry professionals and talent scouts are also welcome to attend.

The rules:

Track ID online sessions are free and designed to help you make better music. For this reason, only constructive feedback is offered and the group is encouraged to communicate with one another in a positive manner. All genres of music are welcome. Remember that art is subjective and therefore feedback must be taken into account only where applicable to you as these sessions are here to help you progress with your music. Track ID is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please be on time to ensure your music gets heard by the panel.

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