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Hi, I'm Ryan Sullivan and I treat your music as it should be treated, like art.

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In mixing, "they" say you can’t polish a turd. Well, believe me, I can :) In fact, I love working with artists who maintain the integrity of their music, and my mixing and mastering achieves big and powerful results on huge stages, sound systems, and radio stations. Songs are never “turds”… you just do the best recording that you can in the rawest form (that is ART to me) and I'll step in to take you to the next level.

Most artists hire a mixing-mastering engineer because they are 'the best fit’ for that genre. I am different. If you’re an electronic music artist, perhaps you make house or techno, maybe we go for more warmth and realness instead of the boring old ‘industry standard’ sound. If you’re an indie rock band, I may approach the mix with the mindset of an electronic mixer - big and bold while maintaining trippy musical hypnotism. I just want to cure your insanity…

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, which is what most other artists are doing.

Making your music sound outstanding is just the beginning. I understand that there’s a plethora of mixing and mastering engineers out there and you have a lot of options to choose from. So, if there’s any doubt that I am the best mix and mastering engineer for you, let’s put that to rest…

In addition to mixing and mastering, I use my extensive experience in the music industry, with the best artists, labels, and brands, to help guide you through the process of releasing your music correctly and with impact, building hype, and growing a huge fanbase.


Medicine Boy have since signed to a label in Germany and now tour internationally.

1,9 million streams on Spotify. Has since collaborated with Above & Beyond and Seven Lions and tours internationally.

+400k YouTube views, Black Coffee has since collaborated with David Guetta, Usher and more.

Giant 137 track compilation that raised funds for the music industry affected by Covid related lockdowns in 2020. There's a good chance that at least one or more of your favourite artists is featured in this collection.

Been working with Ryan at Refine for over 10 years. He has always offered me a world class service with my mixing and mastering. Often going far beyond what's required and very often up against some very demanding deadlines. He's an absolute perfectionist and its ultimately exactly what you need when handling those very crucial steps in your audio. Highly recommend and thus its five stars from me.

Ivan Turanjanin - mixing and mastering

Ivan Turanjanin,

Red Bull / CTEMF - South Africa

Matt Prehn Oh So Coy - Mixing & Mastering

"Ryan has been great to work with, extremely professional, knowledgable and always ready to lend a hand. Always a pleasure in dealings and highly recommended."

Matt Prehn,

DJ / Producer / Label Manager  (Oh So Coy / Rogue Decibels) - London

"10 out of 10. Great communications, as well as the sound quality they got the music done just as I wanted it but even faster than I even thought possible."

Philo Freeman,

Philo Freeman - Mixing and Mastering

Reggae Artist - Nigeria


Ryan Sullivan - Refine Audio Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I am Ryan Sullivan and my music experience includes working with some of the biggest artists, labels, and brands in the whole world. Many are hugely famous and then some are just beginning their rise to the top. Most recently, Red Bull Studios hired me as their head sound engineer for the past 7 years.


Mixing and mastering are my technical specialties and I am passionate about leveling-up your music career, moving you up to the next level through powerful production, release strategies, marketing methods, and touring. I'm fortunate and grateful to have seen many, many projects through to success.

I trained under legendary sound engineers Chris Palmer and Jasper Williams in the late 1990s and early 2000s and have since held high positions at various world-class studio facilities, brands, and record labels.

Working with artists is my pleasure and I'm grateful to work with people who inspire me, working together to make your music world-class.