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STAB Virus

Langa / Gugulethu, South Africa

A Dj duo based in Gugulethu and Langa in Cape Town. They've landed hundreds of Dj bookings at clubs and festivals, toured internationally and built a name for themselves through their releases on Triplefire Music, Suara, Katermukke, Global Underground and more international record label brands in just 3 years.

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Opposite The Other

Cape Town, South Africa

Indie band whose single 'Ride Away' charted #8 on Spotify Global Viral Charts with 1.9 million streams on Spotify alone, ranked #7 in USA, #4 in New Zealand, and top 5 in Australia, France, and the UK. They've since toured with The Lumineers, The Cure, Bastille & more, collaborated with Above & Beyond, Seven Lions and performed live on national radio.

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Roxy Bolzonello

Cape Town, South Africa

Roxy Bolzonello is a singer-songwriter originally from Cape Town, South Africa who signed to Universal Music with her first two singles recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Ryan Sullivan at Refine Audio. She has gone on to work with major label producers in LA, California and currently travels the world on a regular basis.

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Cute Couple

Western Cape, South Africa

Indie rock-electronica duo comprised of Mark Reichardt and Conor McCarthy. The band completed their debut album with Refine Audio, collaborated with Alice Phoebe Lou and were crowned Artist of the Month by Apple Music and received praise from  a variety of press around the world in just a matter of months. They've since gone on tour in Europe.

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to die for
I will love to work with him again
other than Eric Prydz and Deadmau5
an absolute pleasure
took my song to the next level
kondwani l
sounds perfect
very much happy
Shane Dunford Email
more than 5 stars
excellent sound
100 percent recommend
So much clearer
Sbudalo Google Review
thank you a million
Gqom Power Music
you're nuts
film feature
Jono Stephenson - Top Tracks for July
U-man Google Review
Response has been great
This is perfect
Extremely satisfying
Ibiza Spotlight
Cute Couple Band Artist of the Month
Roxy Bolzonello Universal Music 1
You killed them
yooooo I love it
You have outdone yourself
Roxy Bolzonello Radio Play
Roxy Bolzonello California 1
Roxy Bolzonello Best of the Week
These tips help a lot
Roxy Bolzonello NTS LA Blog
They sound hot
Wooow impressive
You did a great job
This is perfect
Roxy Bolzonello Award Nomination
Roxy Bolzonello LA 1
We love it
Sounds perfect
These are perfect
Super well received
Super happy
Roxy Bolzonello California 2
Sounds incredible
So stoked
Really liked your work
love the mix and master
Roxy Bolzonello KFM 1
It sounds wonderful
Magic touch
patient and caring
No complaints
I love your work
Great service and art form
Roxy Bolzonello Press 1
It brings tears to my eyes
A legend
All the tips
Hearing a lot about your work
STAB Virus Tweet
OtO Calum Scott 6000 people
OtO The Cure
OtO Euro Tour2
Masenya Lagodi Jazz Award Nomination


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