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Your music appears on the Release Radar of people who follow you, so you should put more effort into gaining followers as opposed to streams. The streams will come from your followers.

The real best thing to do is build your audience off of the Spotify platform, in fact off of any other platform other than your own. Once you have your own fanbase in your own communication system, you can reach them as often as you like and direct them to wherever you choose.

So if you have 1000 real fans in your fanbase, you can get them to follow you on Spotify. Then your music will start to appear in their Release Radar and to be sure that they listen to the song, you can direct them to the song and ensure you get those 1000 listens immediately upon release. Of course that will tell the Spotify algorithms that your song is popular and it will then start to recommend your song to other people who are similar to your fans. That’s also a hint as to why buying playlist placement can be a very very bad thing for your career.

Then if you release a music video on YouTube, you can send those 1000 fans to the vid and get them to follow you on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Build your fanbase and release QUALITY music, over and over again.

That’s the answer to success.

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